e-Challan Delhi: How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Delhi?

Ujjwal Goel 0 Comments October 1, 2022
e-Challan Delhi: How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Delhi?

New Delhi, the capital city of India, has faced various traffic laws to tackle multiple issues. This includes the odd and even rule by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to reduce road congestion. Other than that, road rages, accidents resulting in fatalities, and many other issues due to lack of strict control are typical in the capital.

Hence, the Motor Vehicles Act – amended in September 2019 – was introduced to regulate the number of road violations in Delhi. The law-breakers were imposed with traffic challan, which made them pay hefty fines based on the degree of broken rules.

To make this process easier and reduce the hectic offender-police interface, an e-challan has been introduced.  In this article, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to pay traffic challan online in New Delhi. We will also explain the types of traffic challans and their applicable fees. Finally, we will provide a link to a website that can help you pay your traffic challan easily and quickly. 

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What is E-Challan?

A challan is a format of payment specifying the payer, receiver, purpose of income, and name of the bank/authority. An e-challan is an electronic format of challan, a document containing the details of an amount deposited or sent to a bank or an authority’s treasury. In simple terms, contactless challan.

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What is a Traffic E-Challan?

A traffic e-challan, introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, is an efficient way of reducing traffic violations. It ensures the violators pay a heavy fine through online methods to break traffic rules and regulations. Traffic e-challan has come into effect to ensure smooth movement of traffic and reduce road violations and fatalities caused by them. 

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How does Traffic E-Challan Work?

The purpose of E-Challan is to reduce traffic violations and to create a better method to approach violaters and strict regulations. This is achieved in two ways:

  • The police hold the violator when caught breaking the rules and generate an e-challan, or
  • An e-challan is automatically issued when the car is seen violating rules like overspeeding, not wearing a helmet, etc., on surveillance cameras or speed guns. The fine is issued after the car’s number plate is recognized and registered.

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What Information does Traffic Challan contain?

One can log in to the website to pay their issued challan. A challan includes the following:

  • The description of the violation.
  • The description and picture of the vehicle and the vehicle number.
  • Details of the policeman.
  • Offender’s details, including name and address.
  • Documents that the officer confiscated concerned.
  • Court details, including the trial date, where the offender must present.

Traffic Rules and Regulations in Delhi:

Traffic rules and regulations in New Delhi are similar to those amended all over India. Some of them are as follows:

Traffic Rules to be followed by 4 – Wheeler Drivers:

  1. Driving under the influence of any intoxication is prohibited
  2. Drivers must carry all the relevant documents related to their vehicle
  3. While driving, drivers should not use their mobile phones.
  4. A driver should help and try to coordinate the traffic if needed
  5. People occupying the front seat of the vehicle must wear seat belts.

Traffic Rules to be followed by 2 – Wheeler Drivers:

  1. The rider should carry all the necessary documents of their vehicle.
  2. Both the rider and the pillion rider/riders should wear a helmet
  3. Using mobile phones while riding is also strictly prohibited
  4. Riding while intoxicated is rigidly prohibited 

How to Check Traffic Fine and Challan Status in Delhi? – Step-by-Step Procedure:

The government and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have made it possible to check and pay for challan online. 

1. Steps for checking E- Challan Status:

Parivahan Website

  • Step 2: Go on the e-challan tab and click on “check challan status.”
  • Step 3: Enter the needed information, i.e., Challan number, vehicle number and/or driving license number.

E-Challan Website

  • Step 4: Enter the captcha. 
  • Step 5: All the pending notices and information should display.

2. Steps for Checking Traffic Fines in Delhi:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of https://delhitrafficpolice.nic.in/
  • Step 2: Now, open the “E-challan payment” section
  • Step 3: From the section which reads “Traffic Violation Payment,” now select the “violation type.” You can see the “violation type” from the SMS sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Step 4: Enter the vehicle’s registration number or the number of the Challan. 
  • Step 5: Now, you can see the total fine imposed on you against the violation.

How to Pay Traffic Fines Online in Delhi? – Step-by-Step Procedure:

There are various methods through which one can pay for their penalty online: 

How to Pay Traffic Fines Online in Delhi? – Step-by-Step Procedure

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, with the help of the Delhi government, has allowed us to pay traffic fines online via three methods:

  • Via the official New Delhi traffic challan website.
  • Via Tatpar app.
  • Via Parivahan website.

How to Pay Traffic Challan Online via Delhi Traffic Police Website?

Steps to pay traffic challan via the Official New Delhi traffic challan website are as follows:

Delhi Traffic Police Website

  • Step 3: Go to Pending Notices.
  • Step 4: Enter the details needed, i.e., vehicle or notice number.

Delhi Traffic Police Website

  • Step 5: After you click on search, you’ll see your pending notice/challan.
  • Step 6: Click ‘Pay Now and confirm the payment ID and amount.
  • Step 7: Select the payment getaway (net banking, credit, or debit card) and make the payment.
  • Step 8: You should get a confirmation message about successful payment.

How to Pay Delhi Traffic E-Challan via the Tatpar App?

Currently, there is no option of paying online challan through Paytm or any other UPI in New Delhi. However, a good alternative is the Tatpar app. The app is currently available on Android only, the iOS version is under development. To pay through Tatpar: 

Tatpar App

Tatpar Delhi Police App

  • Step 3: Complete verification with OTP confirmation.
  • Step 4: You will come across the home page, there select “Traffic Notice Payments”.

Tatpar Delhi Police App

  • Step 5: Select ‘E-Challan”.

Tatpar Delhi Police App

  • Step 6: Enter the Vehicle and/or Notice number.

Tatpar Delhi Police App

  • Step 7: Proceed to make payment for your offense.

How to Pay Traffic Challan Online via Parivahan Website?

Steps to pay traffic challan online through the Parivahan website: 

                              Parivahan Website

  • Step 2: Enter the details mentioned i.e. driving license number, vehicle number, notice no. etc.
  • Step 3: Tap ‘get details’.
  • Step 4: Now, your pending notice should be in front of you.
  • Step 5: Select ‘Pay now’.
  • Step 6: Select your preferred payment getaway and make payment.

E-Challan Website

  • Step 7: After this, you should get a confirmation message instantly on your registered mobile number upon paying successfully.

Delhi Traffic Police Challan List:

The Delhi Traffic Police Challan List was amended in 2019 in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. The amended list includes the newest violations/offences and the penalties charged against those offences. Given below is a list of some of the new fines:



Driving without a valid license 2-3 Wheelers – Rs. 1,000; Light Motor Vehicle(LMV) – Rs. 2,000; Others – Rs. 5,000
Driving a vehicle that has not been registered 2-3 Wheelers – Rs. 2,000; LMV – Rs. 3,000; Others – Rs. 5,000
Driving a vehicle without Insurance 2-3 Wheelers – Rs. 1,000; LMV – Rs. 2,000; Others – Rs. 4,000
Driving without wearing a helmet Rs. 500
Not allowing emergency vehicles to overtake Rs. 1,000
Overloading Rs. 5,000. In addition to this, Rs. 2,000 per ton that exceeds over the limit

Revised Traffic Fine and Penalties in Delhi from Sept 2019:

The traffic fines and penalties in New Delhi were revised in Sept 2019. Below is a list of the various traffic rule violations and the revised fines and penalties levied against those violations/offences. 

Violation/Offence  Revised Penalty Amount
Violation of Stop Line, even by a marginal extent, while the traffic signal is red. Rs. 500
Riding/driving without a Pollution Certificate Rs. 2000
Crossing the toll plaza without FAS Tag 2 x the toll fees 
Violation of Air Pollution Standards by a vehicle releasing excessive smoke Rs. 2000
Red signal jumping Rs. 1000
Penalty for not wearing rear seat bet by co-passenger Rs. 1000
Riding a 2 Wheeler while wearing sandal, chappal or flip flops Rs. 1000
Red light jumping plus dangerous driving Rs. 5000
Violation of orders given by on duty traffic police officer Rs. 2000
Double fine which is levied in case of overspeeding along with dangerous driving Rs. 7000
Drunken driving Rs. 10000 + Court challan. In addition to this, your vehicle might also be detained
Using mobile phone while driving by the driver Rs. 5000
Driving without the Color Coded Sticker or High Security Number Plate Fine amount can reach upto Rs. 10,000
Taking selfie while driving a car Rs. 2000
Using private car for commercial purposes/ offering lift to unknown person Rs. 2000
Minor caught driving any vehicle Fine of Rs. 25,000. In addition to this, the car owner will be sentenced to 3 year imprisonment
Front Bumper guard/ Bull Bar Rs. 1000
Riding/driving without a valid Driving Licence For 2-3 wheelers: Rs. 1000

For Four Wheelers and light motor vehicles (LMV): Rs. 2000

For other types of vehicles except the two above-mentioned types: Rs. 5000

Riding/driving a vehicle that is not registered For 2-3 wheelers: Rs. 2000

For Four Wheelers and Light Motor Vehicles(LMV): Rs. 3000

For other types of vehicles except the two types mentioned-above: Rs. 5000

Overloading of any Vehicle (except two-wheelers) Rs. 5000 plus  Rs. 2000 per extra tonne
Breaking the fixed speed limit For 2-3 wheelers, 4-wheelers and light motor vehicles: Rs. 1000

For other types of vehicles except those mentioned above: Rs. 2000

Driving/riding an uninsured vehicle For only 2 wheelers, the new penalty amount is Rs. 1000

For vehicles other than two wheelers, the fine remains the same i.e, Rs. 2000.

Not wearing seatbelts while driving ₹500
Uncooperative towards enforcing traffic authorities ₹1000
Not allowing emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, etc. to pass ₹1000
Two-wheeler vehicle overloading ₹500
Riding without wearing helmets ₹500
Rash Driving  For 2-3 wheelers: Rs. 1500

For 4-wheelers and light motor vehicles: Rs. 3000

For other types of vehicles except the above-mentioned ones: Rs. 5000

In case of second time and subsequent offences: Rs. 10,000

Other Offences:

  • Driving on the opposite side on One Way
  • Vehicle having a Fancy/Defective Number Plate
  • Driving without switching on the headlight after sunset
  • Driving at night using High Beam
  • Standing on the White Lane/ Crossing zebra line while the traffic signal is red
  • Parking a vehicle in such a way as causing inconvenience to others.
Rs, 500 for each of the offences.


E-challan is an excellent step towards implementing stricter traffic laws while promoting the use of technology. It is convenient for the citizens and ensures quick payment of the fine. Several other improvements and changes are still under development and will be amended soon. With this, a future with lawful and safer road travel awaits us.

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A: The officer can issue an e-challan upon traffic laws like drunk driving, riding without a helmet, etc.

A: The Delhi traffic police themselves have the power to issue and can collect the challan issued.

A: The offender must answer the court if the fine is not paid within 60 days.

A: You can visit the official website of Delhi Police or check the tatpar app for pending notices.

A: Yes, it is mandatory. There is a heavy challan of thousand rupees upon not following the rule.

A: No, there is no such exception for anyone. One has to stop the vehicle and attend the call.

A: One of the most severe traffic violations is drunk driving. Others include not wearing a helmet, overspeeding, etc.

A: Yes, you can get notifications through the tatpar app. Otherwise, you will get a notification while breaking the rule.

A: Since the sites are government-authorized, they are safe. There is no guarantee for any other sites; they should not be trusted.

A: Yes, a heavy fine of 2000/- is imposed on not carrying proper renewed documents.

A: Yes, there is a fine of over 1000/- for not wearing a seatbelt in the driver and rear seats.

A: Upon breaking any of the traffic rules and regulations mentioned earlier, you get an e-challan. The amount varies as per your offense.

A: There are three types of challans.