How To Pay Traffic Challan Online and Offline

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How To Pay Traffic Challan Online and Offline

Several lives are endangered daily due to the reckless violation of traffic rules. To curb the number of road casualties, the government is trying to implement stringent laws to punish such defaulters. 

According to the Motor Vehicles Rules, 1988, whenever a motor vehicle driver breaks traffic laws, the traffic police have the right to issue an official paper or invoice to the defaulter. This invoice contains the penalty amount that is to be paid by the lawbreaker, depending on the degree of the offense committed. This paper is called challan.

With the exponential growth of digitization, e-challan has now been introduced. This method has made it possible to detect traffic rule violations more efficiently. 

This article discusses the methods to pay an e-challan online and offline. 

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What is Traffic E-Challan?

Since the digital world is creeping upon us from all sides, the government has introduced the E-challan system. In simple terms, an e-challan is a computer-generated challan issued to traffic defaulters by the traffic police in India.

When the traffic police generate an e-challan by swiping his machine, it generates an entry into the police server. This makes it impossible for the defaulters to get rid of the challan by bribing the traffic police. Hence, introducing the e-challan has brought about transparency in the system.

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What Are The Reasons You Can Be Issued With A Challan?

Traffic rule violations are a common scenario in India. There are several reasons for which the traffic police officers might hand you an e- traffic challan. Following are some of the reasons:

1. Traffic rules violation

Traffic rules violation

2. Driving without a valid driving license

Driving without a valid driving license        

3. Skipping red signals     

Skipping red signals

4. Crossing the specified driving speed limit

Crossing the specified driving speed limit

5. Driving while you are drunk or while intoxicated 

Driving while you are drunk or while intoxicated

6. Not complying to share information when asked to

Not complying to share information when asked to

7. Driving an unauthorized vehicle

Driving an unauthorized vehicle

8. Driving without having a valid insurance policy / Overloading pillion riders/ Riding without wearing a helmet

Driving without having a valid insurance policy / Overloading pillion riders/ Riding without wearing a helmet

9. Obstructing the traffic / If you are a juvenile and driving a motor vehicle, you will be issued a challan.

Obstructing the traffic / If you are a juvenile and driving a motor vehicle, you will be issued a challan

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What Are The Different Ways To Make A Traffic Challan Payment?

If you are issued a call, you must pay it within the stipulated period. You can make his payment both offline and online mode.

  • You can pay your traffic challan due in online mode via several ways. You can either pay it through the e-challan official website or by visiting your residential state transport website. You can also pay via Paytm. 
  • If you want to pay your challan offline, you can physically go to your nearest traffic police station and do as instructed. 

Now, let’s discuss in detail the methods of e-challan payment. Hence, continue reading. 

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How To Pay Traffic Challan Offline?

You can make your e-challan payment offline in two ways –

  • Visit your nearest traffic police station and carry your Driving Licence, traffic violation challan, and your address and identity proof. Pay your fine in cash and get the receipt.
  • Go to an on-duty traffic police officer who has a handheld e-challan payment device. Swipe your debit/credit card on the device to make your payment immediately.

How To Pay Traffic E-Challan Online?

You can now pay your e-traffic police challan online in two ways –

  • By using the e-challan official website
  • By using the respective state transport websites 

Steps To Pay Traffic Challan On e-challan Official Website:

To make your e-challan payment via the e-challan official website, you have to follow the easy steps listed below:

  • Step 1. Go to the ‘’ website
  • Step 2. Open the ‘check online services’ tab and then click on ‘check challan status.’
  • Step3. Type in your challan number, driving license(DL) number, or vehicle number to check challan status. After typing either of the three above-mentioned details, verify the given captcha.
  • Step 4. Select ‘get details’. Once you select the ‘get details’ option, you will be able to see the details and status of your challan and also the number of challans that have been issued against your vehicle
  • Step 5. Now, scroll down to get the ‘payment option.’ 
  • Step 6. Then, click on the ‘pay now option.
  • Step 7. Next, select your payment mode- net banking or credit/debit card.
  • Step 8. After the successful completion of your e- traffic challan payment, a transaction ID will be given to you. Note down this transaction ID to refer to anytime in the future.

Steps To Pay Traffic Challan On The State Transport Website:

You can also pay your traffic challan online via the state transport website. 

  • Step 1. Visit the official webpage of your residential state transport
  • Step 2. Select the section which reads ‘pay violation fine.’
  • Step 3. Under the violation fine section, select your offense
  • Step 4. Next, you will be redirected to the appropriate webpage; you need to enter the details of your traffic violation. 
  • Step 5. Next, you need to enter the registration number of your vehicle and parking violation tag number
  • Step 6. Now enter the amount of fine you need to pay. 
  • Step 7. Pay the fine with either your debit or credit card, solve a captcha and then click on ‘submit.’
  • Step 8. After your traffic channel payment is done successfully, you will get a transaction receipt.

What Are The Benefits Of Making An e-Challan Online Payment?

E-challan payments are increasingly becoming popular. This method, no doubt, has a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

  • You can easily pay your traffic e-challan dues from anywhere and at any given time.
  • It enhances transparency in the system and builds trust among the citizens and their government.  This system has significantly eliminated corrupt practices such as bribery. 
  • This system helps in better record keeping. 
  • It saves the time and effort of both the traffic police and the defaulters. 
  • This system has led to the nationwide maintenance of a central database. 

​​What Are The Basic Road Safety Rules To Be Followed In India?

While driving, be mindful of not only your safety but also of other people on the road. As a responsible citizen, you are expected to follow some of the basic road safety rules that have been listed below – 

1. Drive keeping to the left side: 

Always drive your vehicle along the road’s left side. 

2. Overtake from the right side:

Always overtake other vehicles from the right side. Before overtaking any vehicle, make sure to honk the horn or flash the indicator. Don’t be in a rush to overtake others, especially in narrow lanes. This might have fatal consequences.  If there are no dividers on the road, allow vehicles after you to overtake safely through your right side.  Always allow emergency vehicles such as ambulances to bypass you. 

3. Do not drink and drive: 

In India, the legally admissible limit of the level of alcohol in a driver’s blood is 30mg per 100 ml of blood. If the alcohol level exceeds this limit, you will be heavily fined and can also be imprisoned. 

4. Respect the parking signs: 

Do not park your vehicle in a ‘No Parking zone.  Also, do not park your vehicle in the middle of the road, or in congested areas, where your vehicle might cause trouble to the other motorists and pedestrians and cause chaos. 

5. Stick to speed limits: 

Do not exceed your vehicle’s speed limit above 25km/hr while passing a strike, procession, or meeting. At other times also, maintain a moderate speed limit. 

6. Obey traffic signals: 

Always obey the traffic signals. Jumping a traffic signal is likely to attract a heavy penalty. Be patient and let the pedestrians pass by safely.

7. Know and understand the road signs and markings: 

Every driver should have basic knowledge of various informatory road signs and markings. These signs tell you what lies ahead and what you should and should not do while driving further up/down the lane.  For instance, a ‘bump ahead’ sign spells that there lies a bump ahead.  

8. Slow down at roundabouts and intersections:

Always slow down and blow the horn while approaching a roundabout/ a corner/ intersection. This will caution the approaching vehicle. 

9. Carry the necessary documents while driving: 

A driver should always carry the following documents-

  • For commercial vehicles: Tourists permits and fitness certificate
  • For all types of vehicles: Driver’s License, vehicle insurance, registration, and Pollution Under Control(PUC) Certificate.

10. Honking: 

Blow your horn only when necessary, like when overtaking, passing through a narrow lane, or changing lanes. Try to avoid honking the horn in front of hospitals, schools, and colleges. 

11. Use of lights: 

Always turn on the indicator lights while turning around to switch lanes. Also, make sure to use emergency lights and fog lights if it is foggy or raining heavily. 

12. Strictly avoid talking on mobile phones while driving: 

Never talk on mobile phones while driving. If it is an urgent call, first park your vehicle along the roadside and then use your phone. 

13. Prioritize the pedestrians:

Always be mindful of the pedestrians and allow them to pass the road first. If you must, then slow down or stop if there is a zebra crossing ahead. Make way for elderly people and school-going children. 

How To Check Challan Status Online?

To check online traffic challan status, you need to follow these steps –

  • Step 1. Visit this website link 
  • Step 2. Now, you can choose any of the following options – challan number, driving license number, or vehicle number to check your challan status
  • Step 3. After choosing an option, you need to solve the captcha
  • Step 4. Then, select ‘get details,’ and you will be provided your online traffic challan status

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A: The new driving law has increased the penalty for driving without a license from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000.

A: If you do not make your e-challan payment within the stipulated period, the challan will be sent to the court. Then, you will have to visit the court to pay your challan payment dues.

A: You must make your e-challan payment within 15 days, starting from the issuance date of the challan.

A: An e-challan will be issued for any traffic rules violation.

A: Yes, you will be fined for not carrying one or all of the documents while driving. You will be fined depending on the document you are not carrying. For instance, you will be fined Rs. 5,000 for not carrying a driving license. Whereas you will be fined Rs. 2,000 for not carrying your vehicle insurance.

A: As per 2019 reports, the e-challan system has been introduced in 15 Indian states. Presently, the e-challan system has been made operational in most of the cities and states in India.

A: The time frame within which you should pay the e-challan amount is generally 15 days from the date of issue of the challan.

A: You can pay your e-challan online in three ways. Paying the challan via your bank's net banking portal is one of them.

A: Besides online e-challan payment, you can also pay your traffic e-challan offline. You can either visit your nearest traffic police station, carrying the required documents, or you can spot traffic police having a handheld e-challan payment device and pay thereby.

A: To track your e-challan, you need to visit

A: No, traffic police cannot snatch your car/bike keys. You have the right to launch a legal proceeding against them if they do so.

A: Previously, if you skipped around a light, you were supposed to pay anywhere between Rs. 100 - Rs. 300. But now, after the amendment of the Motor Vehicle Act, you are required to pay Rs. 1,000. In addition to this, your license might also be scrapped for 3 months.

A: Yes, you can pay e-challan via the handheld e-challan machines.

A: To avoid getting an e-challan, you can follow these smart ways -
1. Remember to carry all necessary documents while driving, such as your Registration Certificate and Driving License.
2. You can store your driving license in DigiLocker and the mParivahan app.
3. Avoid breaking any traffic rules.

A: Yes, you can pay your parivahan challan payment through their website 'Parivahan'.

A: Yes, if you ride with more than two pillion riders, you will be issued a challan worth Rs. 2,000 per the recently amended Motor Vehicle Act 2019.

A: The most common reasons an Indian citizen is issued a traffic challan are as follows -
1. Driving without a license
2. Driving despite being disqualified from driving.
3. Not wearing a helmet or fastening a seatbelt.
4. Overspeeding and drunk driving
5. Juvenile driving.

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